Our responsibility at MKE Munich Investment

MKE Munich Investment stands for long-term value creation in the affordable housing sector. For us, sustainability is not just a question of responsibility, but a strategic priority that ensures long-term profitability. It serves to reduce risk and helps us to meet the growing expectations of society, investors, customers and, of course, our colleagues.

The ESG Spectrum



CO₂ neutrality and renewable energies
- CO₂ neutrality by 2030
- Reduction of "gray energy"
- Expansion of the use of renewable energies
- Maximization of energy transparency

Green building certification
- At least KfW40 for project developments

Circular economy
- Use of recyclable and environmentally friendly materials to improve the carbon footprint of our projects
- Cooperation with regional companies



Construction of affordable housing
- Construction of 1,000 affordable / price-controlled residential units in Germany by 2028
- At least 80% high-quality and affordable housing in the portfolio

Shortage occupations in Munich
- Construction of 300 housing units for employees in shortage occupations by 2027 in Munich

Involvement of tenants and interest groups
- Exchange with tenants and interest groups about requirements and expectations
- Promoting social interaction and community building by integrating communal spaces and meeting places



Uniform understanding of compliance
- Implementation of an anti-corruption policy at all levels of the company
- Compliance with high data protection requirements

Practical implementation and control
- Introduction of a control system and regular reporting

Communication and reporting
- Regular and transparent reporting for investors
- Compliance with legal standards

Project: Munich Freiham WA2 West

100% socially subsidized housing

93 socially subsidized housing units

334 tons of wood used

KfW 40

Our ESG commitment

Subsidized apartments under development
Floor area built as KFW40
1 Projects
that fulfill our ESG strategy

Sustainability Policy